HS Code of 3305 (Preparations For Use On The Hair)


Preparations for use on the hair.

HS codes falls under this category.

TOP SUPPLYING COUNTRIES of 3305 (Preparations For Use On The Hair)
S.No Country Name Shipment Value (Currency) Total Sellers
1INDONESIA10,503,633,901 USD417
2MEXICO4,916,424,977 USD1,802
3FRANCE4,907,716,933 USD746
4LUXEMBOURG3,969,373,603 USD4
5ARGENTINA3,319,342,801 USD265
6COLOMBIA2,085,774,888 USD711
7SINGAPORE1,701,040,543 USD397
8UNITED STATES1,285,699,585 USD3,975
9BRAZIL1,178,798,696 USD1,309
10SPAIN931,402,587 USD1,048

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