HS Code of 750610 (Of Nickel, Not Alloyed)


Of nickel, not alloyed.

HS codes falls under this category.

TOP SUPPLYING COUNTRIES of 750610 (Of Nickel, Not Alloyed)
S.No Country Name Shipment Value (Currency) Total Sellers
1VIETNAM2,146,579,446 USD85
2SOUTH KOREA32,192,380 USD36
3CHINA22,368,280 USD281
4BELGIUM5,387,844 USD13
5HONG KONG4,439,817 USD21
6TAIWAN3,103,819 USD37
7JAPAN2,979,927 USD41
8SINGAPORE2,923,161 USD26
9THAILAND2,177,133 USD10
10FRANCE1,460,997 USD13

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