HS Code of 750712 (Of Nickel Alloys)


Of nickel alloys.

HS codes falls under this category.

TOP SUPPLYING COUNTRIES of 750712 (Of Nickel Alloys)
S.No Country Name Shipment Value (Currency) Total Sellers
1INDONESIA39,942,529 USD9
2UNITED STATES31,995,581 USD382
3GERMANY15,663,244 USD203
4UNITED KINGDOM11,089,467 USD118
5CHINA8,599,912 USD283
6ARGENTINA7,293,970 USD7
7MEXICO6,814,559 USD116
8COSTA RICA6,692,174 USD22
9ITALY3,614,488 USD158
10SOUTH KOREA3,567,252 USD73

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