HS Code of 750720 (Tube Or Pipe Fittings)


Tube or pipe fittings.

HS codes falls under this category.

TOP SUPPLYING COUNTRIES of 750720 (Tube Or Pipe Fittings)
S.No Country Name Shipment Value (Currency) Total Sellers
1SOUTH KOREA50,146,913 USD831
2JAPAN22,814,244 USD229
3UNITED STATES14,879,771 USD536
4CHINA11,346,270 USD8,722
5MEXICO5,255,260 USD223
6SINGAPORE5,119,142 USD146
7DENMARK4,480,018 USD8
8TAIWAN4,469,197 USD522
9GERMANY3,787,666 USD473
10TURKEY1,972,164 USD128

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