HS Code of 950510 (Articles For Christmas Festivities)


Articles for Christmas festivities.

HS codes falls under this category.

TOP SUPPLYING COUNTRIES of 950510 (Articles For Christmas Festivities)
S.No Country Name Shipment Value (Currency) Total Sellers
1CHINA1,394,222,259 USD14,893
2SRI LANKA84,111,163 USD79
3VIETNAM83,266,072 USD228
4MEXICO71,590,367 USD242
5HONG KONG67,923,589 USD1,451
6UNITED STATES65,434,754 USD1,802
7PHILIPPINES56,298,095 USD194
8ARGENTINA54,678,221 USD19
9JAPAN51,952,781 USD76
10PANAMA48,175,936 USD561

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