Monologue March 2018 issue


Europe stands for open and fair trade, but as I have said time and time again, we are not naïve free traders.

Jean-Claude Juncker

European Commission
On the need for changing
EU’s Anti-Dumping Laws

Source: European Commission

The obvious challenge to the country (India) is to grow and grow fast. It has to grow at a much higher rate than we have been growing in recent history.

Arun Jaitley

Indian Finance Minister
On the need for the economy to grow

Source: IANS

We can understand that they (China) would desire self-sufficiency and if the way they get there is through a free and open level playing field, and it’s a fair match, we’re fine with that.

Wilbur L. Ross

US Commerce Secretary
On China’s trade policy

Source: The New York Times

Our relationship on trade is becoming more important and it (Thailand) is a great country to trade with. I think we’re going to try to sell a little bit more to you, if that’s possible.

Donald Trump

US President
On increasing exports to Thailand

Source: Reuters


The rise of India is opening new opportunities for collaboration. Our diaspora has an important role in building bridges between India and the world.

Ram Nath Kovind

Indian President
On India’s growth trajectory

Source: PTI

I want the UK to be a global champion of free trade. Those who believe in it need to stand up and explain the benefits and show how free trade is important in raising living standards.

Theresa May

UK Prime Minister
On the US-UK Bombardier rift

Source: The Telegraph

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