6.29 Samples

(a)      EOU / EHTP / STP / BTP units may on basis of records maintained by them, and on prior intimation to Customs authority, supply or sell samples in DTA for display / market promotion on payment of applicable duties. (b)      Remove samples without payment of duty, on furnishing a suitable undertaking to Customs authorities for bringing back samples within a stipulated period. (c)     An EOU may export free samples, without any limit, including samples made in wax moulds, silver mould and rubber moulds through all permissible mode of export including through courier agencies / post. For statutory requirement of Stability & Retention sample with manufacturer, an EOU / EHTP / BTP / STP unit may re- import without payment of duty, those samples, which were exported by it, under intimation to Custom Authorities, and FOB value of such samples shall not be counted for NFE purpose and other export benefits, if any. (d)     An EOU, on basis of records maintained by them and on prior intimation to Customs authorities, may send samples to other EOUs for display on returnable basis within a period of 30 days.

The Dollar Business Bureau - May 27, 2015 12:00 IST