Amazon to sell Amul products in US from today

The Amazon Prime program currently has 25 million products listed from 18,000 Indian sellers.

The Dollar Business Bureau

Amazon India on Thursday announced it will sell products of a leading Indian dairy brand in nine countries, starting with the US.

In May this year, Amazon India launched its Global Selling program, which Indian vendors can use to sell their products in nine countries including the US, the UK, Canada, Japan and France with a total customer base of 300 million.

“We are happy to announce an online exclusive partnership with Amul, the iconic and most loved dairy brand in India, giving Amul the access to new age digital shoppers. We are taking the brand to the doorstep (of consumers) across the country (US)” Gopal Pillai,Director and General Manager, Seller Services, Amazon India said in an interview.

“Amul is (also) a part of Amazon Prime program, (for which) Amul is sending products to the fulfillment centers so that consumers can get products in a day or two. We are helping Amul with logistics, (product) returns, so they (Amul) don’t have to worry about anything,” he added.

The Amazon Prime program currently has 25 million products listed from 18,000 Indian sellers, which includes brands such as Biba, Fab India, Himalaya, Organic India and Liberty Shoes, among others.

These retailers pay commission equivalent to a local seller of a consumer country. For example, its commission in the US varies from 4% to 12% based on the product.

In a similar exercise earlier this year, Amazon had created a Diwali-focused store in the US to sell Diwali products from India. It registered a 400% growth in consumers’ orders this Diwali.

Since the Indian FDI framework doesn’t allow foreign investments in online retail, Amazon works as a platform, connecting customers and third-party sellers on its marketplace.

Amazon India aims to bring more number of sellers on its platform in the next one year. “We want to make selling in India synonymous to selling to Amazon. Last year, pre-Diwali, we had 35,000 sellers (selling on Amazon India) and now, we have more than 140,000 this year. So, I can’t put a target to how many sellers we’ll have next year,” said Pillai.

The Dollar Business Bureau - Nov 25, 2016 12:00 IST