APM Terminals Mumbai close to completing its container weighing project

The terminal also known as Gateway Terminals India (GTI) set a new benchmark recording 164,678 TEUs in February 2015 surpassing its previous high handling 162,946 TEUs in February 2013.

 The Dollar Business Bureau APM Terminals Mumbai1_650 As part of its ongoing efforts to provide a safe working environment to all stakeholders, APM Terminals Mumbai is now in the final stages of completing its container weighing project that will help in identifying weights in mis-declared containers. The terminal also known as Gateway Terminals India (GTI) set a new benchmark recording 164,678 TEUs in February 2015 surpassing its previous high container handling of 162,946 TEUs in February 2013. The February volumes recorded at GTI in 2015 is the highest throughput achieved by an Indian container terminal in the given month. “APM Terminals Mumbai ranks among the top four productive terminals globally. Special thanks to the trade for appreciating the various initiative undertaken at GTI to simplify the supply chain and kudos to our teams for making optimal use of given resources and handling maximum volume in February,” said Pradip Agrawal, Chief Executive Officer, APM Terminals Mumbai While Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) recorded a combined throughput of 4.47 million TEUs in calendar year 2014, GTI accounted for 45% of the port’s throughput handling 1.99 million TEUs in the corresponding period, setting an Indian national maritime record for achieving the highest throughput in a calendar year. The terminal has registered a year-on-year growth of 5%. Appreciating the various trade friendly initiatives adopted at GTI, Neeraj Bansal, Chairman-in-charge, JNPT commented, “The introduction of the e-Form 13, changes in seal checking procedure and inter-terminal transfers between JNPCT and GTI have not only given more visibility and transparency to both the terminals and shipping lines but also helped in reducing the traffic congestion at the gates and yard resulting in improved gate turnarounds. GTI’s customer centric approach and out-of-box thinking have definitely helped us serve the trade better.” With the implementation of the new processes, GTI is handling an average gate throughput of more than 5,000 TEUs against its previous daily throughput of 4,000 TEUs. In January 2015, it handled a monthly gate throughput of more than 145,000 TEUs against an average of 130,000 TEUs. Given the terminal’s exceptional performance in 2014 the terminal officials spared no efforts in maximizing all resources and proactively reached out to clients to perform beyond their proforma moves in February 2015. Round-the-clock operations, team work and implementation of innovative solutions have worked towards achieving this throughput. “Operating in a dynamic environment has its own challenges. Strategy and team work thus play a major role in defining the course of operations and volumes. We are grateful for the trust, our clients and JNPT have placed on us, partnering with us in our endeavor to serve India’s EXIM trade through the capacity and operational excellence we offer. We shall continuously  strive to provide smooth and hassle-free services to our clients and look forward to create many more benchmarks,” said Ravi Gaitonde, Chief Operating Officer at APM Terminals Mumbai.  

This article was published on March 20, 2015.

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