CUTS International advises government to modernise infrastructure to help enhance competitiveness

There are various challenges of connectivity and congestion in land and sea ports in the country.

The Dollar Business Bureau

India’s leading research and advocacy firm, CUTS International has in its report said, ‘A strong and modern export infrastructure would help enhance competitiveness of Indian exporters in the global market and boost shipments.’

Export infrastructure needs to improve a lot. The research firm suggested that, "A robust export infrastructure leads to trade creation while the lacklustre picture of the same culminates into trade distortion," it said in a statement.

Pointing out specific areas to the government, it said there are various challenges of connectivity and congestion in land and sea ports in the country that need special attention.

"There is a need to improve upon the connectivity between the major ports and the mother vessels. Special emphasis required for capacity building of the Inland Container Deports (ICDs)," it said.

India also needs to work on modernising the logistics sector, it said, adding that "containerisation and customs clearance in India still face huge challenges of delays".

To streamline these procedures, it recommended setting up a single window system in order to reduce delays and costs.

"The process of reduction in procedural formalities has to be complemented with a proper framework for effective cooperation between the customs and other authorities," it added.

It also suggested a single window system for perishable agricultural products at ports.

(Source: PTI)

The Dollar Business Bureau - Jun 12, 2017 12:00 IST