DICV touches 5,000 units of exports

DICV touches 5,000 units of exports

The volume of exports has been growing at a fast pace, says DCIV.

The Dollar Business Bureau

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, which began export services three years back, have achieved a milestone by exporting 5,000 units.

The volume of exports has been growing at a fast pace, said the company.

DICV currently caters export services to 20 Asian countries, Middle-East, Africa and Latin America.

After entering Kuwait and Peru markets, the company plans to expand its services and reach out to 10 new markets by 2016.

Marc Llistosella, President and CEO of MFTBC and head of Daimler Trucks Asia, stated that systematic development of Daimler Trucks Fuso brand in main regions for growth is underway.

The new Fuso range, manufactured at the Indian facility, plays a significant role in systematic development process

The new range of vehicles under Fuso brand feature 12 heavy-duty trucks, four medium duty trucks, which are designed and tested to meet the requirements of the target markets.

Erich Nesselhauf, CEO and MD, stated that BharatBenz business at home and exports of automotive and production materials are the backbone of DICV’s strategic role.

Revealing about the successful production of 5,000 trucks under Fuso and 9 million parts exported so far, Nesselhauf stated that the success story underlines the capability of Make in India.

Since March 2016, DICV has also been a supplier of vehicle kits to Kenya for local assembly by a partner of Fuso.

Starting with 25-tonne truck model, more vehicles under Fuso range will be added soon.

The Dollar Business Bureau - Jun 10, 2016 12:00 IST