Duty Drawback changes notified by Govt

Drawback rates for gold jewellery, silver jewellery and silver articles are being decreased

The Dollar Business Bureau

The Government after considering various representations and feedback related to All Industry Rates (AIR) of Duty Drawback that took effect on 15.11.2016 has notified certain changes vide Notification No.03/2017-Customs (N.T.) dated 12.01.2017. These changes take effect from 15.01.2017. The changes include:

  • Tariff entry for ‘Surimi Fish Paste’ under tariff item 160401 has been shifted to tariff item 030402 (Chapter 3- FISH AND CRUSTACEANS, MOLLUSCS AND OTHER AQUATIC INVERTEBRATES) and description of tariff item 160401 has been amended to read as ‘Surimi Analogue Product’ to address classification issue
  • Drawback cap of Silk Fabric is being increased
  • Drawback rates/caps are being changed for Man-made fibre floor coverings that come under the broad classification of Carpets and Other Textile Floor Coverings. They can be scheduled as Man-Made Fibres under tariff item no’s 570104, 570203, 570303, 570402 & 570503 and for baby garments covered under tariff items 611101 & 620901
  • Drawback rates for gold jewellery, silver jewellery and silver articles are being decreased
  • Descriptions of tariff items of 1211, 2206, 2853, 2939, 6907, 8205, 8308, 8442, 8466, 8473, 8439 and 8541 are amended
  • Tariff items 690701, 690702, 690703 and 690799 have been created to cover both glazed and unglazed tiles. Tariff item 6908, 690801, 690802 and 690899 for glazed tiles have been deleted
  • Tariff items 2848 (Phosphides) and 8469 (Typewriters and word-processing machines) have been omitted
  • Separate entries have been created for monopods, bipods, tripods and similar articles that come under tariff item 9620.
The Dollar Business Bureau - Jan 16, 2017 12:00 IST