Enterprise mobility driving innovation: IDC

It may take seconds to book a cab via phone, but takes lot of planning for service provider.

Sairaj IyerThe Dollar Business Bureau

The smartphone is a wonderful device, wherein ‘everything’ works at the touch of a button. Today, things such as PDA, calculator, pagers are redundant as smartphones, computers and various other electronic devices have taken over their space. They are fast, easy to use and are getting better and better.

Customers too have set their expectations high. Their demand for better goods and services keeps increasing with the changing times. And this could pose a critical challenge for an enterprise to fulfill. IDC, (International Data Corporation), organized a conference to address critical questions on mobile software. The event had nearly 75 CIOs (Chief Information Officers) and CTOs (Chief Technology Officers) gracing the occasion. Presentations on solutions and challenges in mobility were discussed and addressed.

Why Mobile?

Speaking on the occasion Jaideep Mehta, Managing Director of IDC, explained that mobile software is the secret ingredient in innovations. Mehta who worked with the US, EU, and Japan in the past pointed out that changing workplace dynamics, new techniques, and customer demands are prompting organizations to move towards a mobile-led platform.

From a consumer’s perspective, data rates, and networks have improved. Ecommerce is driving 20-25% payments through smartphones, mobile data usage has increased 170% (CAGR), while the speed of data has improved by 30%. Companies like Airbnb, Uber are classic examples of such companies that leveraged a mobile platform to create customer-connect and profits. Factors such as IoT (internet of things) are the next big things. The manufacturing sector, for instance has applications of IoT on the shop-floor, logistic applications, supply-chain, and even customer experience management. Mehta avers “Mobile app downloads are increasing, and 80% of Fortune 500 companies have invested in mobile applications. In 2015 alone $118 bn investments have been made in cloud applications and $125 bn in the analytics market.”


The best part of mobile software is that it can address a large variety of challenges across many verticals. Mehta shares the example of Ikea, the furniture brand that sells using catalogs, incorporates technologies such as RFiD (Radio Frequency Identification Device), graphics, and mobility offering its customers a virtual and engaging experience through their smartphones. Customers can literally see how a sofa looks in their living room through an app. Referring to Indian companies he says Godrej Properties and Sleepwell have used mobile software as a tool to solve various issues. International organizations such as AirBnB, Uber and Starwood make use of mobile software to create a distinguishing experience.


There are many companies that are yet to embrace technology. Their challenges stem from insecurity, bad governance and the inability to make use of cloud computing. “Many CIOs are wrestling legacy infrastructure, and find that businesses can’t fund this modernization. Having a customer-centric app is the vision on a CEO’s mind, but to deliver it, the CIO has to ensure data-governance, data-consolidation, radicalization and innovation,” opines Mehta. An embracing of change and adapting new technologies is the best solution to the problem.

Organizations and technology companies should look at mobile technologies as a journey and not as a destination. And for that to happen, “Organizations should also look at the back-end functioning such as storage, and computing resources. The critical things to remember include the building of a center of excellence, creating leadership, a well-differentiated app & website strategy, measurement strategy, and mobile as a reform initiative.”

An enterprise that implements mobile strategies is likely to win and retain customers better. But getting into it too early could also mean wasting energy and ending up getting no worms!

The Dollar Business Bureau - Apr 21, 2016 12:00 IST