Govt to take up Rs.1.5 lakh-cr projects in Bihar

The government would take up highways project worth Rs.1.5 lakh crore in Bihar.

The Dollar Business Bureau

Road Transport and Highway Minister Nitin Gadkari on Wednesday said the government would take up highways project worth Rs.1.5 lakh crore in Bihar.

The Minister underscored that the government is committed to the package announced by Prime Minister Modi during the assembly polls in Bihar last year.

“In our five years regime, we will do work worth Rs.1.5 lakh crore in Bihar. Whatever package the prime minister declared, that will be done,” Gadkari said. The total projects approved in Bihar by the Centre presently stand at Rs 60,000 crores.

Bihar has 4,967 km of national highways, which includes the recently approved 2,100 km. The government is also planning to increase the length of highways by another 2000 km. 77 highway projects are currently under construction with total cost of Rs 20,000 crores. Another 27 projects worth Rs.500 crores would also be awarded.

"We will increase it by another 2,000 km. Currently work is on 77 projects worth Rs 20,000 crore in the state and another 27 projects worth Rs 5,000 crore will be awarded soon,” the Minister said.

Under the Sethu Bhararatam Projects, 13 railway bridges will also be built by the state at a total cost of Rs.900 crore.

Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan, who was also present during the announcement said, “The Centre had approved 200 crores for the maintenance of the Mahatma Gandhi bridge, but the state is only minting money while the conditions of the crucial bridge remain dilapidated. The Centre must take over the monitoring of the maintenance works from the state government.”

The Dollar Business Bureau - Jun 23, 2016 12:00 IST