In talks with IndiGo, not SpiceJet, says Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways completely denied reports, that it was in talks for a "commercial stake" or partnership with another Indian low-­cost carrier SpiceJet

Source: PTI

Gulf carrier Qatar Airways today said it is in talks with IndiGo, the largest Indian airline by market share and set to rest speculations that it is looking for a partnership with SpiceJet. Qatar Airways' official confirmation that it was in discussions with IndiGo comes ahead of the no­frills carrier gearing up for an initial share sale worth nearly Rs 2,500 crore. Several times in the past also, the Doha­-based airline has evinced interest in picking up stake in IndiGo. "Qatar Airways confirms that the only airline it is talking to is the Indian carrier IndiGo," it said. When contacted, IndiGo declined to comment on the matter. In the detailed statement, Qatar Airways completely denied reports that it was in talks for a "commercial stake" or partnership with another Indian low-­cost carrier SpiceJet. Noting that it has "no interest" to engage in a partnership with SpiceJet, Qatar Airways said, "These stake sale comments are unfounded and are believed to be deliberately spread to influence share valuations". There have been media reports that the Doha-­based carrier is in talks to pick up stake in SpiceJet. "Claims are also being made in news reports that a consensus has been reached regarding an interline agreement, and that negotiations are set to continue in the near future. Qatar Airways presently does not have any form of interline agreement with SpiceJet, which is the simplest form of relations between any two airlines, and Qatar Airways is not planning to pursue any form of arrangement in the future," the statement said. Further, the Doha-­based airline said this was not the first time that such claims have been made. "Similar news was disseminated in January 2013, and this appears to be a tactic to increase market and share value," it added.    

July 28, 2015 | 6:39 pm IST.

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