India expects long-term pulses supply from Mozambique

India and Mozambique have agreed on a long term deal for assured supply of lentils to India.

The Dollar Business Bureau

India and Mozambique have agreed on a long term deal for assured supply of lentils to control the surging pulses prices in the Indian market.

Last week, Indian delegations visited Mozambique and Myanmar to take a look at arrangements for assured supply of lentils, especially tur, on a long term basis. 

"The delegation is back with long term solution in sight. The final draft is awaiting response of the Mozambique government. The Government of India is expecting a positive response as soon as possible," Consumer Affairs Secretary Hem Pande said. 

The supply of pulses from these two countries may improve the availability of pulses in the domestic market once the long-term contract is signed.

"We want long-term arrangement of assured supply with both Mozambique and Myanmar. The roadmap has to be in line with the arrangement between two sovereign governments and not private traders," Pande said. The work is in progress and they are looking at prices and other logistic issues like port, consumer affairs he said. 

Even if India signs an agreement with Mozambique, tur dal cannot be supplied immediately as the latter's rabi tur crop is expected to arrive only by September-October. 

During 2015-16, the country’s total pulses output is likely to be 17.06 million tonnes, slightly less than last year’s production of 17.15 million tonnes. The domestic demand of pulses is about 23.5 million tonnes per year. 

The Dollar Business Bureau - Jun 28, 2016 12:00 IST