Indian Customs rescinds soda ash anti-dumping duty on 9 countries

Final investigation concludes no adverse impact on vol, price and profit on domestic industry

The Dollar Business Bureau 

The CBEC in its recent notification no’s 55 and 56 issued on Dec 21 has rescinded the anti-dumping duty imposed on imports of soda ash from 9 countries. This step has been taken though the final findings of the investigation were challenged in the High Court of Gujarat and the court is yet to give its final verdict. 

Soda ash is generally used in commercial, domestic and laboratory uses or more simply used in the production of various types of glass (flat glass, container special packaging glass, fibreglass for insulation and other glass products) alkali products, detergents and soaps. 

India imports soda ash from China (P.R), EU, Kenya, Pakistan, Iran, Ukraine, U.S.A, Turkey and Russia. In its notification the CBEC details that in its earlier notification No.15/28/2014-DGAD, dated July 21, 2015, DGAD (Director General of Anti-Dumping Duty) had initiated a mid-term review investigation of soda ash from these countries. The final investigation that concluded on September 23, 2016 revealed, although dumping of soda ash continued from the above listed countries, there has been no adverse impact of the same on the volume, prices and profitability of the Indian industry. In its notification the CBEC lists out the following points in support of revoking the anti-dumping duty on all the 9 countries. 

  1. Although dumping has continued despite the anti-dumping duties in force and the dumping of subject goods from the subject countries is positive during the Period of Investigation (hereinafter referred to as POI), the adverse impact of the same on the volume, prices and profitability of the domestic industry is absent during the POI as well as post-POI
  2. Both undercutting and underselling are negative during POI as well as post-POI
  3. The injury margin is negative during POI as well as post-POI
  4. The likely injury margin, on the basis prices of third country exports by the subject countries during the POI are also negative
  5. Price suppression and price depression effects are absent
  6. All most all volume parameters and price parameters of the domestic industry are positive during POI and post-POI and there is a remarkable improvement of lasting nature in the performance of the domestic industry
  7. Although dumping continues, neither it has caused injury to the domestic industry, nor is there any likelihood of causing injury in the event of revocation of the anti-dumping duties and has recommended revocation of the anti-dumping duties imposed on the imports of the subject goods, originating in or exported from the subject countries.
The Dollar Business Bureau - Dec 23, 2016 12:00 IST