India’s oilmeals exports down 68% in April-May’16

India’s exports of oilmeals dropped by 68% to almost 97,779 tonnes in April-May 2016.

The Dollar Business Bureau

India’s exports of oilmeals dropped by 68 percent to almost 97,779 tonnes in April-May 2016 compared to 303,977 tonnes during the same period of last year.

In May this year, exports of oilmeals plunged by 94 percent to 7,737 tonnes against 121,339 tonnes in the same month a year earlier.

India’s major importers of oilmeals include South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Myanmar.

In April-May 2016, India exported 47,202 tonnes of oil meals to South Korea, consisting of 10,302 tonnes of rapeseed meal and 36,900 tonnes of castor meal, as against 179,569 tonnes during the corresponding period of last year.

Oilmeals imported by Vietnam from India stood at 35,878 tonnes till May this year, as against last year’s 57,604 tonnes.

India’s total exports of oilmeals to Taiwan were 5,648 tonnes in April–May 2016 compared to 8,116 tonnes during the period last year.

This year, oilmeals export to Myanmar stood at 3,236 tonnes, consisting of 1,612 tonnes of rapeseed meal and 1,624 tonnes of de-oiled rice bran extraction, down from 9,125 tonnes during previous year.

Major ports handling India’s oilmeals exports include Kandla, Kolkata, Mumbai/JNPT, and Mundra.

During April-May 2016, Kandla accounted for 48 percent of the total oilmeals shipped from the country, handled about 47,082 tonnes, followed by Kolkata handled 37,852 tonnes (39%), Mundra 10,388 tonnes (11%) and Mumbai JNPT handled 2,457 tonnes (3%).


The Dollar Business Bureau - Jun 06, 2016 12:00 IST