India-US Defence Co-op Act awaits approval

The legislation ‘US India Defence Technology and Partnership Act’ will put India on par with America’s close defence allies.

The Dollar Business Bureau

With an aim to boost bilateral ties between India and the US, two American senators have proposed a legislative bill to the Congress. The bill bears the potential to upgrade the status of Indo-US ties and put India on par with America’s close defence allies like Israel-NATO.

The legislation ‘US India Defence Technology and Partnership Act,’ which was introduced by the co-chairs of Senate India Caucus, has been sent to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for approval.

The act, while sending strong indication to India that the US is an infallible defense partner, it will direct the focus of the US government on Indo-US security ties.

The bill was proposed in the Senate by Mark Warner and John Cornyn. According to the statement released by USIBC, Warner believes that the legislation honours India with the status it deserves to hold as a partner in promoting security across the globe.

Mukesh Aghi, USIBC president, revealed that Defence trade increased from $300 million to over $14 billion in the past decade.

Considering India as a rapidly developing economy, Warner said that India can be a potential market for US defence manufacturers creating job opportunities for millions of Americans.

The bill plays a pivotal role in encouraging the US executive branch to appoint an official to supervise the Indo-US defence coordination and also enable the transfer of defence technology. An exclusive office dedicated to the US-India Defence technology and Trade Initiative is expected to be established in the Pentagon soon.

The legislation seeks the US government to boost military capabilities of India and help to reach its maximum potential.

The bill also encourages the Indian government to mandate joint military planning with US in areas of mutual interests like disaster relief, humanitarian aid, maritime domain awareness.

The Dollar Business Bureau - May 11, 2016 12:00 IST