Mahindra investing in future of mobility; including driverless tractors

Telematics skills play a pivotal role in the development of driverless, autonomous commercial vehicles

The Dollar Business Bureau

Mahindra group’s Chairman Anand Mahindra told the press that the Mahindra group is envisaging a revolutionary future for commercial vehicles with the development of driverless tractors. Replying to a query regarding survival of conventional auto manufacturers in a transforming ecosystem, he said that mobility of the future is centred around three important sections: role of renewable energy-powered vehicles, autonomous vehicles and shared mobility.

He laid stress on Mahindra’s ambitious plans to be geared up for the future. Speaking at the company’s AGM in Mumbai he said, "Everyone in the world is speculating whether conventional mobility companies will survive in a transformed environment. I am not an astrologer and cannot provide guarantees on that score, but I did want to emphasise to you all today, that if anyone is preparing feverishly for a disruptive future of mobility, it is Mahindra."

Telematics skills play a pivotal role in the development of driverless, autonomous commercial vehicles and added that the, “ most fertile ground for autonomy is in agricultural tractors, an area where accidents and collisions are almost virtually non-existent.”

Doing away with conventional models of tractors could bring about an increase in food production and since Mahindra is the largest producer of tractors in the world, it would play a pioneering role in bringing about a change in food production he said.

Detailing on the shared mobility aspect he said, "while we have products in our stable today and in our pipeline that will appeal to the mobility-sharing companies, I also believe manufacturers need to take a share of the profit pool of these downstream platforms." He was referring to the SmartShift initiative in LCVs wherein people in need of transporting goods and transporters who are willing to share their vehicles, come together and work out on mutual beneficial deals. Similarly the Trringo business solution was helping farmers to hire tractors for shorter durations thereby ensuring that mechanisation is within the reach of every small farmer, speeding up their labours of production.

Giving credence to the Govt, the monsoons and to the stability of the rupee in a world filled with turmoil and turbulence, Anand was optimistic that India’s growth will sail smoothly as confirmed by analysts the world over. Referring to the sweeping reforms that the Govt has introduced and the changes that were taking place quietly but swiftly, he praised the passing of the GST Bill in the Rajya Sabha mentioning India’s market as a ‘caged tiger’ which was kept divided for reasons unknown. India is gearing up to receive private investment and risk-taking with open arms he said.

The Dollar Business Bureau - Aug 11, 2016 12:00 IST