MIAL augments its export handling capacity

MIAL has launched its first cargo terminal in India for bonded and heavy export cargo.

The Dollar Business Bureau

Mumbai International Airport on Tuesday announced it has launched its first-of-a-kind cargo terminal in India for bonded and heavy export cargo. The new export facility will enhance MIAL’s export handling capacity by adding 3, 00,000 tonnes of cargo per annum.

Spread over 7,500 sq meters, the state-of-the-art facility provides exclusive handling for Heavy, Odd Size and bonded cargo. The facility provides a one stop solution for bonded cargo handling with dedicated channel for cargo admittance, X-ray screening and palletisation. The new process management deployed, along with incremental export capacity, will reduce the dwell time to a considerable extent.

While the export light consignments will continue to be handled at the existing export terminal at MIA, The busiest airport in the country in terms of cargo traffic, commissioning this facility will enhance the terminal’s infrastructure, stimulating further growth in export volumes at MIAL.

The new facility will complement the existing Export Unitisation Zone by increasing efficiency through faster admittance of cargo, swift turnaround of vehicles and overall reduction in handling dwell time with new process management.

Being a preferred destination for air cargo exports in the western region, MIAL, with this new investment - an essential part of the airport’s Cargo Master Plan, will not only help shippers to transport cargo more efficiently from the airport but also extend the necessary infrastructural support required to the air cargo industry.

The Dollar Business Bureau - Dec 06, 2016 12:00 IST