PM asks NITI to prepare vision document for future growth

Government has the ability and courage to deliver transformational change for improving people’s lives.

The Dollar Business Bureau

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked NITI Aayog to draft a vision document that will contain a roadmap for the development of India in the coming 15 years in order to bring big changes.

Modi stated that the time is long over for incremental changes. He asked to prepare a roadmap for laying the foundation for the growth of the country in the 21st century.

“Transformational change is the need of the hour,” Modi said while having a discussion with the members of NITI Aayog on Wednesday. He also highlighted the significance of technology inbringing about a change during the past three decades and emphasised that this speed of change would not slow down.

He said that the government has the ability and the courage to deliver transformational change for improving people’s lives.

Intelligent and judicious application of country’s human and natural resources would be at the core of the change, Modi said. He mentioned the examples of huge potential of untapped solar energy, mineral wealth and sub-optimal use of the vast coastline of India.

He also said that association with states for encouraging development and enhancing exports is not only a component of cooperative federalism, but is also the need of the hour.

Mentioning agriculture, Modi said the emphasis should not be only on enhancing agricultural productivity, but the need is to focus on the total development of a lively rural economy. He stressed on the significance of food processing industry, development of warehouse, and technology involvement, in the agriculture sector.

Emphasising on the need to create capacities for good governance, he said that the availability of real-time data is very important.

The Dollar Business Bureau - Jul 29, 2016 12:00 IST