Shipping ministry approves project of Ro Pax Ferry Service in Gulf of Cambay

The project has received Rs.58.50 cr as first installment of grant-in-aid by the ministry.

The Dollar Business Bureau

The Ministry of Shipping has given its approval for the capital dredging project for Ro Pax ferry services between Gogha and Dahej in the Gulf of Cambay in Gujarat. This is expected to give a fillip to coastal shipping in the country under the ambitious Sagarmala programme.

The project, which will bear a total cost of Rs.234 crore, has received Rs.58.50 crore as first installment of grant-in-aid by the ministry. The amount has been provided to Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB). The project will be supported with a 50 per cent central funding under the Sagarmala programme.

The project will help in decreasing the motorable distance between Gogha and Dahej to just 31 kms, a stretch which currently stands at 231-km. This will bring down the travel time from seven hours to just one hour with passengers required to cross only the Gulf in Cambay in 17 Nautical Miles. It will also benefit in terms of saving fuel, a decreased count of CO2 emission and reduction in road congestion.

The project holds significance in terms of being the first of its kind in India as it is getting built in the region of world's second highest tidal range. The project will also pave way for opening up new avenues in coastal shipping and tourism leading to socio-economic development of proximate areas. The same will also help in utilisation of inland waterways through River Narmada for shipping goods from industries located upstream.

The Dollar Business Bureau - Oct 18, 2016 12:00 IST