South Carolina gets FDI queries from Indian firms

South Carolina has been getting many queries from India-based companies for FDI.

The Dollar Business Bureau

Officials of the Department of Commerce in South Carolina said India is widely considered as an upcoming market for Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), and have been getting many queries from India-based companies.

The South Carolina Department of Commerce said it is doing everything to attract Indian companies in South Carolina.

The Carolina government knows that India is becoming a great place to look for investments and the reason why the state government has been doing at least one trade mission to India every year.

The US Commerce Department is confident that the Indian economy is likely to move beyond its borders and the state of Carolina is looking to strengthening it further. India has almost six Indian companies operating in South Carolina with many others keen to do so.

Columbia’s law firm, which represents companies coming to South Carolina for setting up operations, feels that the South Carolina government is supportive of international companies in its state.
"The market is huge in India and there are additional business coming overseas. South Carolina has been paying more attention to India than before, especially with Governor Haley in office. We can organise a business in the state in a matter of hours however licenses coming in may take days. The process has been very seamless with no levels of bureaucracy to move through," the law firm said.