Tata Motors’ robot 'BRABO' to be exported to Europe

BRABO can complement humans by conducting dangerous and monotonous tasks.

The Dollar Business Bureau 

Indian auto major Tata Motors Ltd said on Sunday that its wholly owned subsidiary TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd has got 'CE' certification for the first Made-in-India robot - 'BRABO'  to be sold commercially in the European market.

“The TAL BRABO now complies with essential requirements relevant to European health, safety and environmental legislation, permitting its export to customers in Europe,” the auto major said in a statement.

The robot can be utilised for different applications such as picking and placing materials, machine and press tending, assembling parts, sealing applications, jobs related to camera and vision, among others. 
This advanced robot can also complement human labour force by conducting dangerous, dull and monotonous tasks.

TAL Manufacturing with BRABO will concentrate using it in automotive, logistics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, packaging, food and other industries.

Currently, the list of clients interested in BRABO are Mahindra & Mahindra, CPG Industries, AM Ecosystems, Diebold, Hydromatik, SGK Industries, RTA Spa Italy, Suparna Plastics, Twin Engineers, Micromax Systems, Kaziranga University and BITS Dubai Campus, a spokesman of the company revealed.

The Dollar Business Bureau - Apr 03, 2017 12:00 IST