Tata Motors to set up innovation centres globally

Tata Motors has already set up its first innovation centre close to the Silicon Valley.

The Dollar Business Bureau 

Betting big on its emerging mobility solutions, Tata Motors on Sunday indicated it is planning to set up several innovation centres across the globe to be "future ready" while also enhancing its  formal presence across the world, as the company looks to be among the top three passenger vehicle manufacturer in India by 2019. 

The Indian automobile giant has already established its first innovation centre in proximity to the Silicon Valley in the US. 

The company has already taken on a slew of initiatives, including filling the gaps in product portfolios, bettering manufacturing processes and brand image, and tripling sales network, to emerge as one of the leading players in the passenger vehicle segment. 

"Tata Motors has embarked on a transformation journey with a vision to become future ready. In line with our mission to provide innovative mobility solutions... we are keenly exploring opportunities in mobility services that would allow us to offer seamless solutions to our customers in the future," Tata Motors Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Guenter Butschek told PTI. 

Butschek said the company’s new goal is to foster new technologies and enhance its R&D capabilities. It already has a strong presence in the Indian and the European markets.

"Our objective is to find new and agile ways of innovating and experimenting. As an element to enable this goal, it has been decided to establish a more formal presence in specific locations globally," he said. 

The company has once again renewed its focus on supporting and enhancing Tata branded product strategies in India, which, according to the company, will manifest into augmenting trends and ideas that would further translate into better future products and services. 

"The importance of Silicon Valley as a fertile source of future innovation means that it is now important to build up a presence there that can scout for new technologies and build relationships with key players including start-ups located there," Butschek said. 

The Dollar Business Bureau - Jan 09, 2017 12:00 IST