Thought-provoking pharma initiatives at Bio Asia 2017

Exhibitors displayed various initiatives related to health care sector at the Exhibition.

Vijay Bhanu

On the third day of Bio Asia 2017, major pharmaceutical company CEOs and various healthcare representatives reached out to the visitors, detailing the products and initiatives taken up by their respective companies.

Meditox stall_200

At the grand exhibit, Medi Tox CEO Jan Zábský, spelt out the initiatives that his company was into. Medi Tox is actively into pre-clinicalR&D of drugs associated with cardiovascular disorders, anti-influenza vaccines, neurodegenerative diseases, oncology, ophthalmology and diabetes. Their speciality products include therapeutics for animals like monkeys, dogs, pigs, etc. Zábský claimed that 10% of the company’s customers are in the Czech Republic and another 10% in India. He welcomed visitors and dispersed product information enthusiastically.

IIT stall_200

Habib, a member of IIT fellowship, said that the Center of Healthcare Entrepreneurship (CFHE), situated within the IIT Hyderabad campus, conducts fellowship programmes for research in bio-design process and various major health issues plaguing the society. Talking about the programme, he said that it offers a platform for those concentrating on the healthcare industry and provides ample time to explore and address the market needs and challenges related to this industry. The platform allows a fellow to question “Who’s my target?” and find  ‘clarity’ in problem solving. But what is interesting is that sometimes discovering what the problem is could prove to be tougher than finding a solution to a known problem. This is where technology could come to the rescue of the researchers, he said.

TSIIC stall_200

The conference provided ample opportunities for various exhibitors to showcase their products. An official representing a Singapore consultancy, Surbhana Jurong, spoke to the Dollar Business about their pharma related project in Hyderabad. She spoke at length about the 14000-acre master plan that is to come up at a distance of 25 km from the International airport. The project is being supported by the Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TSIIC). The mainstay of the project is to take polluted industries out of the city and provide them a common area wherein they can enjoy all the facilities that a city provides. The project plans to provide facilities including a Pharma University, Centres of Excellence, Incubation Centers, common testing facilities, efficient and cost effective common effluent treatment plants based on zero liquid discharge and schools and hospitals too. This would be a ‘Pharma city’ within the city.

Hetero Biopharma stall_200

Hetero Biopharma had also set up its stall at the Exhibition. They showcased the commercial products of three biosimilars - Derise Darbepoetin Alfa which is used to cure anaemia and other kidney diseases, Rilast Rituximab which is used to cure blood cancers andchronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), and, Bevaas Bevacizumab also used in the treatment of cancers. The company has also been testing and conducting clinical trials to find out the effectiveness of two of its products - Adalimumab for arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis, and Trastuzumab  for treating breast cancer.

These and other stalls captivated the people attending the Conference at the Bio Asia 2017 event.

The Dollar Business Bureau - Feb 09, 2017 12:00 IST