Trump administration to launch anti-dumping probe against steel flanges on India and China

In 2016, US imported an estimated value of $16.3 mn and $32.1 mn of stainless steel flanges from China and India

The Dollar Business Bureau 

The US Ministry of Commerce has said it is likely to launch anti-dumping and countervailing duty probe of steel flanges being dumped by India and China into its markets. 

The Commerce ministry has been petitioned by the Coalition of American Flange Producers and members in its group like Core Pipe Products Inc of Illinois and Maas Flange Corporation of Texas, to consider their petitions filed on August 16 and begin the investigation. 

The domestic producers allege that the estimated dumping margins ranged between 99.23% to 257.11% for China and 78.49% to 145.25% for Indian steel products and also estimated that products from both the sides were subsidized at undetermined rates. Reiterating his government’s support to defend American businesses and interests, while initiating the anti-dumping investigation, the US Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross in a statement said, “We will act swiftly, while assuring a full and fair assessment of the facts, to ensure that everyone trades on a level playing field.” 

The International Trade Commission will soon give a preliminary decision to the investigation whether the dumping has injured the US domestic producers. The decision is likely to be revealed by Oct 2 which would allow the US Commerce department to continue its investigation, the statement also detailed. 

In 2016, US imported an estimated value of $16.3 million and $32.1 million of stainless steel flanges from China and India respectively.