Trump conducts meeting with US technology leaders

The objective of the meeting was to create more jobs for the working Americans.

The Dollar Business Bureau

US President-elect Donald Trump conducted a meeting with a host of high-profile technology leaders of the country during a summit which also had Indian-American Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella as one of the attendees.

"I am here to help you folks do well," said Trump while addressing the group of Silicon Valley CEOs during the meeting. According to his spokesman, it was one of the series of such meetings that Trump conducted with the Silicon Valley’s most powerful executives.

The objective of the meeting was to pave way for partnership with these leaders resulting in innovation and generating more jobs in the US, particularly for working Americans.

“There is nobody like you in the world. There is nobody like the people in this room and anything we can do to help this go along, we will be there for you and you will call my people, you will call me, it does not make any difference, we have no formal chain of command around here,” said Trump while asking the CEOs to reach out to him whenever needed.

The business leaders that were a part of the meeting include Jeff Bezos of Amazon; Safra Catz of Oracle; Tim Cook of Apple; Alex Karp of Palantir; Brian Krzanich of Intel; Elon Musk from Tesla; Larry Page and Eric Schmidt of Alphabet — parent company of Google; Chuck Robbins of Cisco; Ginni Rometty of IBM and Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook.

The range of issues that were discussed during the meeting consisted of removing barriers for ease of doing business for US companies outside, the country’s competitive trade dynamic and market access with China, cutting taxes, repatriation of American profits kept overseas by prohibitive tax rates, improving physical and digital infrastructures, and protecting intellectual property rights.

The Dollar Business Bureau - Dec 15, 2016 12:00 IST