Trump signs order to reverse Obama’s climate change policies

Trump said the order will abolish federal overreach and begin a new age of job creation.

The Dollar Business Bureau

Donald Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order to reverse the climate change policy of former President Barack Obama, bringing back the question as to whether the US leadership will actively promote the campaign against global warming.

Keeping his promise to support the coal sector, Trump inked the executive order at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Trump said that the order will abolish federal overreach and begin a new age of job creation and production.

“With today’s executive action, I am taking historic steps to lift the restrictions on American energy, to reverse government intrusion and to cancel job-killing regulations,” he said after signing the executive order.

He further said that this action is the latest in a series of measures to generate US jobs and to increase American wealth. We are ending theft of the US prosperity and reconstructing our beloved nation.

Sean Spicer, Press Secretary at White House said the President’s strong belief is that promoting US economy and protecting the environment are not commonly exclusive objectives.

“The given executive order will support to make sure that Americans have clean water and clean air without compromising with the economic growth and generation of jobs,” he said.

As per the order, all the agencies are directed to conduct an assessment of all the policies, regulations, rules and guidance documents which create roadblocks to local production of energy.

It also directs the EPA for taking various actions to reflect Trump’s economic and environmental goals that include a review of the new standards for performance for natural gas-fired and coal-fired plants which amount to a ban on the new coal plant output in the country.

During his election campaign, Trump had promised to pull out the US from the Paris climate agreement of December 2015.

The Dollar Business Bureau - Mar 28, 2017 12:00 IST