Updated Harmonized Master List of Infrastructure sub-sectors notified Sl-138

Dated 1st August, 2016 | Copy of | Notification Sl138 |

With the approval of the Competent Authority, an updated Harmonized Master List of Infrastructure Sub-sectors (Annexure-I) is hereby notified. The new list incorporates the following change to the notification dated 8th April, 2016:

1. Under the category of “Social and Commercial Infrastructure” a new sub-sector – “Sports Infrastructure” is added.

(Sharmila Chavaly)
Jt. Secy. (Infra)

Issued by:
Ministry of Finance
(Department of Economic Affairs)
(Infrastructure Section)
New Delhi



Updated Harmonized Master List of Infrastructure Sub-sectors

1 Includes Capital Dredging

2 “Shipyard” is defined as a floating or land-based facility with the essential features of waterfront, turning basin, berthing and docking facility, slipways and/or ship lifts, and which is self sufficient for carrying on shipbuilding/repair/breaking activities.

3 Includes supporting terminal infrastructure such as loading/unloading terminals, stations and buildings.

4 Includes strategic storage of crude oil.

5 Includes city gas distribution network.

6 Includes optic fibre/wire/cable networks which provide broadband/Internet.

7 Includes the provision of Sports Stadia and Infrastructure for Academies for Training/Research in Sports and Sports-related activities

8 Includes Medical Colleges, Para Medical Training Institutes and Diagnostics Centres.

9 Includes cold room facility for farm level pre-cooling, for preservation or storage of agriculture and allied produce, marine products and meat.

10 Available with prospective effect for three years from 8/10/2013 (reference Gazette Notification No.225) for eligible projects; Eligible costs exclude cost of land and lease charges but include interest during construction.

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