Vannamei shrimp helping India’s marine product exports: MPEDA

Shrimp Production in India has risen considerably.

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India’s marine product exports has witnessed a boost with the introduction of exotic Vannamei shrimp into the country’s  coastal aquaculture system, according to Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA).

"Indian marine product exports are doing quite well over the last few years. Major factor that contributed to the increase in exports was the introduction of exotic Vannamei shrimp variety into our coastal aquaculture systems," highlighted MPEDA Chairman Dr A Jayathilak.

There has been a considerable rise in shrimp production which led to a corresponding rise in exports considering that frozen shrimp is the major item of export from the country.

Frozen shrimp constitutes majorly to the Indian marine products and is primarily sourced from the coastal aquaculture farms. India farms mainly two kinds of shrimp namely Pacific White Leg Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) and Indian Black Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus monodon).

MPEDA has developed high health shrimp seeds to help farmers decrease the chances of crop failure.

"It has also developed technology for seed production and farming of variety of species such as Tilapia, Seabass and Mangrove crab. Many farmers in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Odisha have taken up the farming of those varieties. MPEDA is hopeful that those varieties also will substantially contribute to the country’s export production in the near future," Jayathilak further said.

Jayathilak also pointed out to the fact the country has used only 11% of the potential area suitable for coastal aquaculture and it is imperative for the governing bodies to identify and notify specific aquaculture zones. This will be helpful for fulfilling the demand of farmers to increase production with least social conflicts.

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