WBPCDL plans to use captive coal from Oct to Nov

WBPDCL is expecting to use coal from captive mines for power by October-November.

The Dollar Business Bureau

West Bengal Power Development Corporation is expecting to use coal from captive mines with a view to fuel its power generation units by October-November.

The WBPDCL officials said that they are expecting to restart the mining activities in their own mines by October to November which would in turn help in mitigating power tariff.

They also added that the de-allocation of the existing captive blocks by the centre in 2014 and also the arrangements of JVs to mine coals were scrapped forcibly. This has resulted in the disruption of supply of fossil fuels from captive sources.

Coal India was able to match the gap and also acted as a boon to WBPDCL as the dry fuel demand had shrunk.

WBPDCL consumes 18 rakes of coal and generates 2,700 to 3000 MW of electricity per day.

The officials said that they are hoping meet up to 55% of the requirements from the captive blocks.

However, it is also to be noted that in the beginning, the captive sources will be able to fulfill only 40 percent of the requirements.

WBPDCL is also in the process of nominating a Mine Developer and Operator (MDO) for its coal blocks in Pachwara North and Borjora North. The process is expected to be completed soon, once they overcome the legal hurdles.

The Dollar Business Bureau - May 16, 2016 12:00 IST