How you approach your leads, starting from the opening email or call, can make or break a prospective business association. To maximize your chances of creating a winning deal, The Dollar Business (TDB) gives you a checklist of best practices. The more you tick off, the more fruitful will the lead nurturing process get. [Remember, wasting a potential lead is easy; winning a deal calls for effort. Irrespective of how many ticks you have on this checklist, that rule remains.]

1. You should always use correct English in your email.

Using correct English reflects professionalism, command over language and hence, authority. It adds to your credibility and makes your clients want to take you seriously.

2. You should be precise in all your communication.

Be crisp. Be concise. People don’t have time. The only way you can arrest their attention is by being short and sweet, absolutely to the point – Bingo!

3. You should mention that you will supply free samples in the first five lines of your email.

True, there is no free lunch; but who doesn’t like to get something for free? The very promise of free samples brews confidence in your readers about you and your product. So, capture their imagination with the promise of free samples at the very start, And upon delivery of the same, you seal a business deal, winning their hearts!

4. You should prepare a ppt/pdf of your company and its strengths and share with the client.

Showcase your products. In a fast-paced world, your audience’s time is limited, their attention is distracted and your presence is non-existent unless you choose to bring it into their focus. So, show-off, prepare a crisp ppt/ pdf about your company and share it with your clients. Let the positive highlights dwell in their mind-spaces long after they have seen it!

5. You should volunteer to give a demo over Skype / Video call.

Your willingness to give a demo over Skype/ Video Call, shows how transparently you come across and how well your product/ service can fulfil the need of your client. The demonstration acts as a perfect bridge to transition your product from the ‘spoken about’ stage to the practical stage, and thus it leverages your chances of making a conversion.

6. You should share a YouTube video (link) of your products / factory.

Walk your audience through virtual reality. So what if they can’t visit your factory in person? Bring your factory and product to them by sharing your YouTube video link. The look and the feel of your factory and product through the video gives your audience a clear tangible idea of what to expect!

7. You should necessarily share testimonials of a few good clients.

Let your audience know how you walk your talk. Let the testimonials speak. Showcase the best of clients and their verdicts, how your products / services have helped them achieve their business goals. Show your audience, how you make your clients soar, while the truth in the testimonials about you silently roars!

8. You should list down all certifications that your products / your manufacturing plant / your suppliers have qualified for / have been awarded.

Certifications lend credibility and authenticity to your company and your products/services. It is a quality assurance and expedites decision making on the part of your customers and influences the closure of deals.

9. You should clearly mention all contact details, including name(s) of contact person(s) at your company, phone number(s), email address(es), etc., in your first email.

You sure want customers to contact you, right? While reaching out to customers by procuring their numbers and updating databases can be a tedious task, you sure don’t want to lose out on customers who are willing to come to you on their own, right? So be sure to clearly mention your contact details.

10. You should be ready to share a list of clients who can give good feedback of your company’s export potential.

A valuable feedback is like hammering a good impression about your company’s export potential in your prospective client’s mind. Many good feedbacks form not only a positive image but a constructive understanding about how reliable your company is and how lucrative it would be to get into a business venture with you.

11. You should share as many numbers (and financials) as you can. This creates an air of transparency with the foreign buyers and makes them believe in your company’s image straightaway.

Numbers don’t lie. Your customers trust numbers, not words. So, bring out the financials that you can. Place it on the table before them. Such unabashed transparency is bound to bowl them over and, in most cases, win them to your side!

12. You should not forget to share your / your company’s social profiles and website links for the client to verify your credentials with minimum effort.

As a social butterfly, be an open book. Today, half the business is on social media, which gives you even more reason to be on top of it. Sharing website link and social profile details lends that much-needed spark of genuineness to convince a potential customer about your value.

13. You should provide a slide deck or catalogue of products that you can export with product codes.

Your audience will tune in to a channel that makes him/ her “feel comfortable”. Make life easy for them. Provide them with a catalogue of products having export product codes. These give the clients an instant idea of what is being offered and what they are looking for as well.

14. You should be patient and be prepared to wait for even a few weeks for your client to respond to your calls or emails.

Waiting for response from your clients via emails or telephone calls? Patience is the trade-off! Sure, you must try, but should you bug your clients too often, they will bid you goodbye! You certainly wouldn’t want that, would you?

15. You should never ever be rude. Do that and your client is lost forever!

Behaviour, etiquette and culture form the unstated first pillar while conducting business. In addition to the financial credentials, good conduct exudes class, which adds another dimension to your company’s credentials! It sets you a cut above the rest, in a league of your own!

16. You should ensure your calls land on your potential buyer’s phone on working days and at working hours. Avoid public holidays & weekends. [Please note: Not every geography has a Saturday-Sunday weekend.]

Be mindful regarding whom to call and when to call. The idea is to not just work hard but, more importantly, to work smart. Make the entire process effective and streamline it to be efficient. Besides, you certainly wouldn’t like to be bombarded with random calls on your holidays, would you? Neither would your potential customers. Take it easy. Slow is fast!


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