Our Data

Take advantage of the growing demand for data to propel your business forward and achieve success. The Dollar Business, a division of Ex-Im, has been enabling international exporters and importers to navigate the vast expanse of large architecture with its most intelligently designed buildings for years through unceasing labor and devotion.

Data Source

Where Do We Get Data From?

The problem in a world where everything is connected via gadgets and databases is not information. It's "sensible" information, meaning it applies to your business beyond a passing familiarity. Our hyper-customised built-in data vaults fetch only the most optimised and segmented information - from dozens of public and private data sources - that is suitable for consumption of the average exporter and importer, ensuring that only the most accurate and appropriate information is shared through our cloud-based platform.

Do we expel irrelevant data from our pipeline?

Of course! We understand that not all export-import data is relevant to the workings of your business. We help you overcome the challenge of avoiding needless overprovisioning and enhance capacity building in groups or individual reports as needed by utilizing Ex-Im. Ultimately, an enterprise-class solution is provided to assist you in growing your export-import business.


How is Ex-Im delivered?

With its ideal cost ffective mechanism, the dollar business—which is driven by the ex-im business—was established to improve trade and commerce and the standard of the company. It was created as an affordable platform to offer accuracy in DaaS and SaaS. As a result, in contrast to many other providers who guarantee to deliver analytics-based solutions in hybrid formats and platforms (standalone sheets in addition to other types of diverse web and downloadable tools), The Dollar Business offers a wide range of data solutions through a single cloud-based software and information system. This optimizes our license holders' human capital as well as the return on infrastructure investment. Our aim is to give each license holder rapid, simple, and safe access to essential.


Buyer / Importer Profiles


Shipments Evaluated
Using AI-Driven Codes


Seller / Exporter Profiles

Deduplication and Data streamlining

How do billions of rows of ‘mass’ data turn 'useful'?

It's a difficult procedure. Not because we have sophisticated algorithms fighting the good fight against billions of duplicate data points on our behalf, but rather because it's a trade secret that we would rather keep hidden behind our doors. Let's just say that the data sets are methodically cleaned and made to be more relevant to our licence holders, because you must be curious. With every phase that is automated and requires human assistance, it appears that the data sets are evolving to better suit the requirements of our licence holders.

Do we 'actually' have humans working with robots on Ex-Im?

Without technology and human intelligence, the invention is incomplete. Our team comprises highly technical professionals who utilize advanced matching tools, a stable cloud and captive architecture, and mapping equations driven by human, AI, probability, and human logic. To create the unrivaled Ex-Im platform, which combines software as a service (SaaS) and data as a service (DaaS), our team comprises intelligent humans. Let's just say that in order to find and identify obvious and not-so-obvious secrets hidden in shiploads of "Big Data," some very smart humans are working on some very smart machines and codes.

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