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The Dollar Business (TDB) is the most exclusive and only multi-featured platform on foreign trade in India. Its origin is a result of a business house with over six decades of experiments and experience in foreign trade willing to put “an end to guesswork while doing business” for India’s export-import community. Transparency in trade, analytics to drive business, and insights that make sense…these are the three pillars on which the tower of The Dollar Business stands today. And of course, there’s the beacon of integrity that makes TDBees a proud group… actually, a very proud group! Since its genesis, TDB has championed the cause of India’s foreign trade community. It offers everything that exporters, importers, foreign trade facilitators and those in the manufacturing and services sectors would have ever wished to see at one place – from a Big Data and flash technology-driven foreign buyer discovery and competitor analysis tool called ‘EXIMAPS’ that can assist an international business enthusiast in maximising opportunities across foreign shores to a monthly Magazine that features EXIM product ideas worth millions of dollars every month, to a Forum that gives exporters and importers an opportunity to raise their voices against issues affecting their business or the industry as a whole and make their voices heard in the power corridors, there are several unique features and benefits that TDB offers to its license holders.

So, TDBees go about doing the busy, intelligent work, round-the-clock, to make trade simpler and surer for India’s exporters and importers. Here are two ‘honey dripping hives’ they’ve built for the EXIM community:

EXIMAPS: EXIMAPS is the most powerful buyer discovery and competitor analysis tool for Indian exporters and manufacturers. It enables them to be at the forefront of the ever-evolving world of exports-imports by providing them unlimited access to over 2.4 million buyer and seller company profiles from across 191 countries. It also ensures that whatever they get is only useful and assist them in strategic decision-making. It saves them precious hours and days, weeks and months spent on trying to understand and analyse industry trends and find genuine buyers overseas. And not to say, EXIMAPS has been instrumental in helping many exporters and importers, both aspiring and established, expand their business on foreign shores since the day it was launched.

We presently have three Licenses available for EXIMAPS:

  • G.R.O.W: The Licence is tailormade for those looking at a starter pack to begin exploring EXIMAPS and the world of exports.
  • CONNECT: The Dollar Business CONNECT License is for those manufacturers who want to hit the big scene of international trade with a bang and make a lasting impression, or those exporters who desire to explore a launchpad to take their exports business to a different level altogether.
  • CONQUER: As the name suggests, the License is for those who want to CONQUER the today and tomorrow of foreign trade. The potential of exports is limitless…and that’s precisely what CONQUER brings to the tables of its license holders.

MEDIA: The Dollar Business is an India-based contemporary magazine for India-based exporters and importers, that believe in the magic of trade beyond borders. It is currently the only publication on foreign trade in India. The magazine offers everything that one would like to read on exports-imports - analytical articles on current occurrences, trending features, interviews of those who matter to India’s foreign trade, million-dollar ideas in the forms of new product and market features, etc. Informed decision-making in foreign trade begins with this magazine.

TDB is made by those who’ve made a mark in foreign trade, for those who want to conquer the world of foreign trade!

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