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The Dollar Business (TDB) is the most exclusive platform on foreign trade in India. It offers everything that exporters, importers, foreign trade facilitators and those in the manufacturing and services sectors would have ever wished to see at one place – from News that is of total importance to Indian exporters and importers to a monthly Magazine that features EXIM product ideas worth millions of dollars every month, from India's most exclusive International Marketplace that assures any business an unbeatable edge of attention from trusted and verified buyers-seller from around the world to a Forum that gives exporters and importers an opportunity to raise their voices against issues affecting their business or the industry as a whole and make their voices heard in the power corridors. And the list doesn't end here. Access to highly important export-import data, unbeatable analyses and in-depth, actionable research from TDB Intelligence Unit to GROW members, a unique daily dose of news on foreign trade hitting your email inbox in the form of an eDaily, and an opportunity to interact with an expert panel in the Ask a Question section to clarify all your doubts with respect to foreign trade are some of the several features that TDB offers to its members and subscribers.

In short, TDB is tailor-made for those who want to conquer the world of foreign trade! Since its genesis, TDB has championed the cause of India’s foreign trade community.

Brief accounts of our leading sections follow.

International Marketplace: TDB International Marketplace is India's most exclusive B2B TRADE platform that assures your business an unbeatable edge of attention from trusted and verified buyers-seller and exporters-importers from around the world! From discovering the best markets to source from or supply to, to overcoming statutory and procedural challenges with respect to exports-imports documentation, to identifying the right logistics partners, International Marketplace understands all your requirements and accordingly connects you with the right market and partners so that you can make a fortune out of foreign trade. All you need to do is register to book yourself a unique webpage and experience the next level of exclusivity in foreign trade.

News: TDB News features daily occurrences and events that occur in the world of foreign trade, which are of total importance to Indian exporters and importers. Notifications, notices and circulars from government departments concerned with foreign trade, trends on the web connected with exports-imports, and unmatchable unique daily dose of analyses make the news platform worth many visits a day for India’s foreign trade fraternity. TDB News not only keeps you aware of the biggest stories unfolding in international business arena, but also the recent amendments to India’s foreign trade policy. And what’s best, a large percentage of visitors to our website belong to geographies outside India.

Magazine: TDB is an India-based contemporary magazine for India-based exporters and importers, that believe in the magic of trade beyond borders. It is currently the only publication on foreign trade in India. The magazine offers everything that you would like to read on exports-imports - analytical articles on current occurrences, trending features, interviews of those who matter to India’s foreign trade, million dollar ideas in the forms of new product and market features, etc. It carries serious analyses for those interested in making fortunes from foreign trade. Informed decision-making in foreign trade begins with this magazine.

eDaily: The Dollar Business e-paper is a round-up of the latest news on Foreign Trade. The e-paper is made available to all subscribers (print and e-magazine formats) and members of TDB International Marketplace everyday, so they can make better-informed decisions. Besides featuring news article on foreign trade, the eDaily carries Notifications, Circulars and Public Notices from CEBC, DGFT, RBI, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to changes in policy matters that would affect exporters and importers.

Exim Data: Data has always been important for businesses, from traders in ancient world to multinationals in today's globalised world. After all, in the world of export-import, each shipment counts. And you cannot afford to make any "uninformed investment". By monitoring export-import shipment data, buying trends and sales patterns, you can take much of the guess-work out of your approach to international business, and ensure your EXIM business operates more efficiently. TDB Exim Data not only gives you access to highly important daily export-import shipment records from/to various Indian ports, but also analyses it as per your requirement to pre-emptively unearth trends and help you take your EXIM business to an altogether new level.

Membership Programmes:

     A. GROW:
          TDB offers a wonderful opportunity called ‘The Dollar Business GROW Programme’ (GROW – Generate Rewarding Opportunities Worldwide), that can assist businesses in maximising opportunities in exports/imports of the product of their choice. From applying for Importer-Exporter Code (IEC), Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and assisting with advanced, actionable, to delivering useful analytics report derived from impeccable and priceless research on exports/imports of the product of their choice from TDB Intelligence Unit, GROW is a customised offering for those who have always wanted to make a fortune from a bigger, global customer base!

     B. CONNECT:
          For the discerning exporter and importer, The Dollar Business brings the CONNECT Programme – the most efficient and effective enabler of business beyond boundaries. It’s the one programme that will help distinguish leaders from masses. We, at The Dollar Business, believe that success is a function of the resources available at any given time and can therefore, always be improved upon. The Dollar Business CONNECT Programme provides an in-the-making super successful exporter like you, some unique and amazing extras that will ensure you a place in the next level of accomplishment in foreign trade.

Forum: TDB has always believed in empowering its readers. And TDB Forum is proof. It aims to amplify voices, both big and small, help empower both individuals and groups, and create a resolution platform for specific issues related to foreign trade. In short, TDB Forum is a platform that gives its readers an opportunity to raise their voices against issues affecting their business or the industry as a whole by initiating a petition, mobilising supporters and posting them online to make their voice heard in the power corridors and, of course, drive solutions. If you are aggrieved by any office or have a grievance against a department, you can voice your concern and start a petition at TDB Forum.


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