For the discerning exporter and importer, The Dollar Business brings the CONNECT Programme – the most efficient and effective enabler of business beyond boundaries. It’s the one programme that will help distinguish leaders from masses. We, at The Dollar Business, believe that success is a function of the resources available at any given time and can therefore, always be improved upon. The Dollar Business CONNECT Programme provides an in-the-making super successful exporter like you, some unique and amazing extras that will ensure you a place in the next level of accomplishment in foreign trade. So what are some of the ‘specials’ that we have on offer for a big-to-bigger aspirant in exports-imports?


100 Verified Buyer And Competitor Profiles

Yes, that’s right! We bring potential buyers right to your doorstep. All CONNECT members get 100 Verified Buyer Profiles from The Dollar Business every year. Our teams scan the world to find you the best potential buyers. We don’t offer you mystery or imaginary importers – we give your potential leads that can make your revenues swell. [Please note that The Dollar Business does not guarantee business or conversion of the leads that it provides. No claim shall be made on non-conversion of leads that TDB provides in its Membership Programmes.]

Let’s get you CONNECTed with...

  • 100 verified foreign buyer profiles from a specific product category
  • 100 genuine buyers with a history of having recently sourced from India
  • 100 serious, B2B (Bulk), non-retail potential buyers of your product


Your very own customisable webpage on TDB International Marketplace

As a member of the CONNECT Programme, you have access to the International Marketplace, India’s most exclusive foreign trade platform where thousands of verified buyers and sellers CONNECT and trade. Specially for CONNECT members, we offer an add-on feature wherein you can create a webpage and customise it as per desired specifications, add special videos and tweaks that are generally available for webpages which take a long time and money to be made. As a CONNECT member, what you get is a "Wow!" webpage - a lighthouse beacon, standing head and shoulders above the rest!


From the heavens to the profile of a star – The Star Exporter Certificate

Members of The Dollar Business CONNECT Programme are entitled to The Dollar Business Star Exporter Certificate, a coveted validation in the field of foreign trade in India. The Star Exporter certificate is something to display with pride since it exemplifies the quality of your work and processes you employ as an exporter. It also acts as a sign to buyers that they are making the right choice in doing business with you.


All that glitters IS GOLD!

The Dollar Business Gold Membership is exactly what it sounds like – attractive and a symbol of excellence. We believe that our members deserve the best from us and that the world should also know how valued and trustworthy they are on The Dollar Business International Marketplace.


Be as sure as tomorrow’s sunrise with the Certified Global Business Certificate

The Dollar Business Certified Global Business certificate and logo that you’ll receive will allow buyers from across the world to see your profile on the International Marketplace and be assured that they are dealing with a verified business – physically verified as an existing business and reviewed by The Dollar Business. It is a catalyst to many a deal and assures that your credentials are never questioned.


1-year subscription of The Dollar Business magazine

How about receiving ideas worth millions of dollars every month? The Dollar Business gives its CONNECT Programme members a one-year subscription of The Dollar Business print magazine, delivered at their doorsteps. And it offers everything that one would like to read on foreign trade - from exim product ideas worth millions of dollars to exclusive interactions with those who matter to India’s foreign trade [Cabinet Ministers, DGFT, Officials from the Ministry of Commerce, CEOs, Port Chairmen, Exporters, Importers, CHAs, Logistics Providers, Ambassadors of various countries to India, etc.]. It’s time you make your obsession a ‘real’ business. Our expertise, your business. Our analysis, your fortune.


Have your questions on foreign trade answered on ‘TDB Ask a Question’. Actually, have more questions answered…

In the world of exports-imports, each shipment counts. And you cannot afford to make any "uninformed investment". So, if you have any doubt or a question, ask us. Our team of experts at The Dollar Business Intelligence Unit will be happy to answer your queries. From exports to imports, from manufacturing to services, from incentives to duties, from Asia to the Americas and beyond, no ‘valid’ question will go unanswered. As a TDB Connect Programme member, you will be eligible for throwing 10 questions to the TDB Intelligence Unit; each of your query will get the care and attention it deserves from a panel of experts within 72 hours.


Access to TDB Forum

How about a platform where your concerns in foreign trade win national (and global) attention of policymakers, thought-leaders, others in the export-import fraternity, etc.? TDB Forum does just that. It empowers individuals and companies and encourages them to table their grievances, which are thereafter evaluated, approved and shared through TDB Forum. The petitions that go live can also be shared on various public/social platforms. TDB Forum also makes it a point to share approved petitions with relevant government official(s)/department(s)/ministry, which a petitioner thinks will be able to address his/her/their issue. Other visitors/users of TDB Forum can also share their opinions/views on and support a particular petition. By using TDB Forum, users (Individuals or groups) agree to make their business operations smoother and the world of foreign trade a better place to be for Indian Exim community! All TDB Connect Programme members get unlimited access to TDB Forum, which essentially means, ‘all’ your troubles can now be explicitly expressed on ‘TDB Forum’.


TDB MAPSbeta Report

Availability of extensive, detailed research and analyses about the product in question and supply-demand opportunities across various markets is priceless information for both aspiring and existing exporters and importers. With The Dollar Business CONNECT Programme, besides many other features, you gain access to trade facts that will provide your business that big edge in foreign trade and help you grow your business on foreign shores. Detailed Trade Gap Analysis (an in-depth feature on export opportunities), Detailed World’s Consumption Pattern, Detailed Pricing Index (highly informative price levels at which a particular product is being exported from or imported into India), Export Incentive calculations, List of recommended ports based on your location, and other such features that makes growth in foreign trade as easy as saying 1, 2, 3. Experience the PLUS version of the MAPSbeta (Market Access and Potential Identification System+ Report). Your business will love it!

The Dollar Business CONNECT Programme is one package that WILL on any given day enable
your next big leap into exports/imports. Let today be that day!

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