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In the world of export-import, each shipment counts. And you cannot afford to make any "uninformed investment". So, if you have any doubt or a question, ask us. Our team of experts at The Dollar Business Intelligence Unit will be happy to answer your queries. Your question(s), if approved, will also be published on, and/or in forthcoming issue of The Dollar Business. From exports to imports, from manufacturing to services, from export incentives to import duties, from Asia to the Americas and beyond, no 'valid' Question will go unanswered.

TDB Forum empowers individuals and companies to voice their concerns on the platform of foreign trade through the mode of petitions. All grievances expressed are evaluated, approved and thereafter shared through TDB Forum. The petitions that go live can also be shared on various public/social platforms. TDB Forum also makes it a point to share approved petitions with relevant government official(s)/department(s)/ ministr(y/ies), which a petitioner thinks will be able to address his/her/their issue. Other visitors/users of TDB Forum can also share their opinions/views on and support a particular petition.

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