The Dollar Business offers you a wonderful opportunity called ‘The Dollar Business Grow Programme’, that can assist you in maximising opportunities in exports/imports of the product of your choice. It wouldn’t be more correct to say that the Grow Programme is tailor-made for you and your business. From applying for your Importer-Exporter Code (IEC), Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and assisting you with advanced, actionable, and useful analytics derived from impeccable and priceless research on exports/imports of the product of your choice from The Dollar Business Intelligence Unit, a dedicated team at The Dollar Business will do the hard work for you. All you need to do is, sit back and relax.

Not convinced? Here's an exclusive sneak-peek into The Dollar Business Grow Programme to make clear our argument how it will make a wonderful difference to your business in foreign trade.


Get a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) with ease

A DSC contains the digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority/individual is basically a way to guarantee that an electronic document is authentic. With effect from 1st April 2016, as per DGFT, applications for IECs can only be made online, using DSCs (Class II & III). DSCs can only be issued by over a couple of authorized Certification Agencies. The Dollar Business makes this task hassle-free for you through its direct association with a relevant certifying authority.


Get an IEC

Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) is a unique 10-digit code issued by the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, to Indian companies who are interested to engage in the business of exports-imports. Without IEC, an Indian entity cannot export or import.


Become a ‘Verified’ exporter-importer

Being a verified exporter or importer gets you noticed and trusted by more, and more often. The Dollar Business’ in-house verification team after verification gives a trusted badge to an exporter-importer and is thus one great tool to win attention from exporters-importers from around the world. This feature comes with a heavy price tag, but for TDB Grow Programme members, it comes free for a limited period*. (*Offer valid for only a limited number of applicants.)


Connect with ‘Verified’ exporters-importers from around the world

As a ‘Verified’ exporter or importer on The Dollar Business’ exclusive International Marketplace, you can meet and conduct business with millions of other ‘Verified’ exporters and importers from foreign markets. When it comes to international trade, dealing with trusted businesses is a must. With The Dollar Business International Business, you don’t take blind leaps. Risking everything on faith isn’t a logical business decision in foreign trade. Again, this opportunity comes with a heavy price tag, but for TDB Grow pack applicants, it comes free for a limited period*. (*Offer valid for only a limited number of applicants.)


All access pass to contents on

Informed business decisions seldom go wrong. The Dollar Business gives its Grow Programme members an all-access pass to information, data, analyses, reports, articles, and more contained in thousands of articles and informative analyses on foreign trade on its news website. Get ahead of the crowd, get reading, get informed and get big bucks that matter in exports-imports. It’s all about getting to the world!


1-year subscription of The Dollar Business magazine

How about receiving ideas worth millions of dollars every month?! The Dollar Business gives its Grow Programme members a 1-year subscription of The Dollar Business print magazine, delivered at their doorsteps. And it offers everything that one would like to read on foreign trade - from exim product ideas worth millions of dollars to exclusive interactions with those who matter to India’s foreign trade [Cabinet Ministers, DGFT, Officials from the Ministry of Commerce, CEOs, Port Chairmen, Exporters, Importers, CHAs, Logistics Providers, Ambassadors of various countries to India, etc.]. It’s time you make your obsession a ‘real’ business. Our expertise, your business. Our analysis, your fortune.


Make your reading time count for your business with TDB eDaily

For stakeholders of foreign trade, the required daily dose of focused happenings and occurrences is served by The Dollar Business eDaily, which contains a round-up of news, notifications and other developments that matter to India’s exporters and importers. For those who believe in winning the world with shipments, every second counts – don’t just waste it in thick piles of unwanted dailies; read just what matters to your exim business!


It can’t get easier to have your questions on foreign trade answered than with ‘TDB Ask a Question’

In the world of export-import, each shipment counts. And you cannot afford to make any "uninformed investment". So, if you have any doubt or a question, ask us. Our team of experts at The Dollar Business Intelligence Unit will be happy to answer your queries. From exports to imports, from manufacturing to services, from incentives to duties, from Asia to the Americas and beyond, no ‘valid’ question will go unanswered. As a TDB Grow Programme member, you will be eligible for throwing 5 questions to the TDB Intelligence Unit; each of your query will get the care and attention it deserves from a panel of experts and will be answered within 72 hours.


Get your troubles heard by those who matter on TDB Forum

How about a platform where your concerns in foreign trade win national (and global) attention of policymakers, thought-leaders, others in the export-import fraternity, etc.? TDB Forum does just that! It empowers individuals and companies and encourages them to table their grievances, which are thereafter evaluated, approved and shared through TDB Forum. The petitions that go live can also be shared on various public/social platforms. TDB Forum also makes it a point to share approved petitions with relevant government official(s)/department(s)/ministry, which a petitioner thinks will be able to address his/her/their issue. Other visitors/users of TDB Forum can also share their opinions/views on and support a particular petition. By using TDB Forum, users (Individuals or groups) agree to make their business operations smoother and the world of foreign trade a better place to be for Indian Exim community! All TDB Grow Programme members get unlimited access to TDB Forum, which essentially means, ‘all’ your troubles can now be explicitly expressed on ‘TDB Forum’.


Access to premium MAPSbeta Reports from The Dollar Business Intelligence Unit

Availability of extensive, detailed research and analyses about the product in question and supply-demand opportunities across various markets is priceless information for both aspiring and existing exporters and importers. There’s no contesting that. TDB Intelligence Unit is a research unit that prides itself on data analysis and logic-and-analytics-driven forecasts in foreign trade. With The Dollar Business GROW Pack, besides many other features, you gain access to facts that will provide your business that big edge in foreign trade – Heat Maps (displaying top five target markets in connection to a particular product); Trade Gap Analysis (a feature on export opportunities to leading trade partners for a particular product); World’s consumption pattern; Competition Index; Pricing Index (price levels at which a particular product is being exported from or imported into India); List of recommended ports for export-import based on your location, supply origin, export destination, port of popularity based on product; and many other such … these are just a few inclusions in the TDB Intelligence Unit Report that makes your foreign trade a measured move. Leverage TDBIU’s research to avoid making foreign trade a gamble; it’s an investment after all, not a bet!

Why choose us?

  • 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Actionable insights with the MAPSbeta report.
  • Preparation of application for IEC & DSC
  • No running around for paperwork.
  • Faster and hassle-free delivery of documents.
  • Execute platform for Indian exporters & importers.

The Dollar Business Grow Programme is one package that WILL on any given day enable
your next big leap into exports/imports. Let today be that day!

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