Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

To become the foremost authority on foreign trade in the country by giving our readers an unbeatable package of knowledge and business edge in the field of foreign trade. Our aim is not just to educate readers the way commoners do, but to empower them to evolve. That’s why we breathe.

Our Values

The 4 ‘E’s that define our 5th ‘E’ – Existence!

EXPERTISE: Who creates content at The Dollar Business? We have veterans in the realm of foreign trade to do that. We have experts who analyse the outcome of a choice of product or place for export or import or the impact of a certain policy change. Each member of our editorial team has been carefully handpicked so that we create what can be priced as a product that is respected by all and one who understands or wants to understand the business of export-import.

EDUCATION: We are not in love with Friedman, but we completely admire his idea of a ‘flat world’. Globalisation of capitalism – is there a bigger need to educate India on why beyond borders is the next playfield to discuss and explore? From pinpointing constraints in cross-border opportunities to identifying market and product-specific tactical gambits…why leave it all to just plain, simple luck?

EMPOWERMENT: To think and not to act, is sin. Precisely why we believe in empowering while educating. The minefield of treasures that The Dollar Business is, will not only change the way oracles in the world of foreign trade think, but also how they act, while importing, while exporting.

EVOLUTION: We communicate. We empower. We change lives – for businesses, entrepreneurs and the millions of hopefuls who make claims of good news beyond borders. With The Dollar Business, evolution will occur. And not only in the manner in which information in the world of foreign trade is shared, but why it is sought and how it is exploited.

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