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This FAQs list was last updated on September 04, 2015.
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What is TDB Forum? How does it work? Welcome to The Dollar Business Forum. Taking the spirit of The Dollar Business a step ahead, TDB Forum empowers individuals and companies to voice their concerns on the platform of foreign trade. All grievances expressed are evaluated, approved and thereafter shared through TDB Forum. The petitions that go live can also be shared on various public/social platforms. TDB Forum also makes it a point to share approved petitions with relevant government official(s)/department(s)/ministry, which a petitioner thinks will be able to address his/her/their issue. Other visitors/users of TDB Forum can also share their opinions/views on and support a particular petition. By using TDB Forum, users (Individuals or groups) agree to certain Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If a user doesn’t agree with the Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy, (S)he/they will not be given permission to file a petition

Is it mandatory to register on TDB Forum in order to be able to register a petition? Only registered members of The Dollar Business platform are allowed to create petitions. They can log in using their login credentials. This, so that we proactively ensure that all matters of security breach and spam are taken care of on this platform.

What does it cost to register/file a petition? It doesn’t cost anything to file a petition. However only those eligible may register/file a petition. Read the question on eligibility for details.

What does it cost to register/file a petition? If you’re 18 years and above, a registered member of The Dollar Business platform, and if you have been at the receiving end of a problematic situation in foreign trade (exports-imports) or for see some state of affairs to be detrimental to India’s export-import community, then yes, you are just the right person to file a petition.

Is it mandatory to register on TDB Forum in order to be able to sign (or join) a petition? No. Signing a petition is free. This serves the purpose that relevant petitions should be made more and more popular.

Am I eligible to sign a petition? If you’re 18 years and above, you can sign a petition.

Can I file a petition on any topic under the Sun? Like we just mentioned, TDB Forum is a platform where only genuine matters related to foreign trade are discussed. TDB Forum is a focused platform and of the right character for those genuinely interested in voicing their concerns related to exports-imports.

How long can my petition be in terms of word count? The body (description) of your requested petition should at least be 100 words.

Can I skip some steps while filing a petition? Each step has been devised in a manner that best captures information securely on the website, both in terms of who is using the platform and for what purpose. Skipping steps is therefore neither advisable nor possible.

How much time do TDB Forum moderators take to approve a petition? Can the process be fast-forwardedin some cases? The whole process from filing of a petition (by a petitioner) to its approval by a TDB Forum Moderator generally takes anywhere between 7-10 days.

Does TDB verify each petition that is filed? It is imperative for us to verify each petition in detail so as to conclude whether to approve or reject a petition. Also, The Dollar Business may ask for greater details / case files on a given petition in the need arises.

What guarantee do I get that my requested petition goes live on TDB Forum? We do not guarantee that your requested petition goes live on TDB Forum.

Can I check the status of a filed petition (i.e. with respect to approval, response from relevant authorities, etc.) Yes, the status on petitions filed by you will appear on your admin panel after you log in.

Are there some Terms of Service or a Privacy Policy that I need to check out? There are Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy that you should necessarily read to understand The Dollar Business Forum better.

How does TDB Forum make my petition heard to the relevant government department or/and ministry? TDB Forum will analyse whether a petition is a case strong enough to be presented before a relevant government department or/and ministry. If a petition is found to contain sound facts, and receives substantial support (signatures), it will be shared with the relevant government department or/and ministry through electronic mode(s). Once your petition is approved by TDB Forum and goes live, TDB Forum will notify the relevant department/ministry/office with a link to check the petition filed on our website.

What if a relevant government authority replies to a certain petition? In case a response is received as such, it will be shared with the petitioner.

Can I withdraw a petition filed by me? No provision for withdrawal of a petition by any individual has been incorporated. In case an individual realized that a factual error was made by him/her while filing the petition, he can request a change by emailing the details and corrections to [email protected].

Can I share my petition on social networks? Any one can join/share any petition on social networks.

Does TDB Forum take responsibility for the manner in which my petition may be discussed or consumed on third party sites? TDB Forum may provide links or allow petitioners and other users to gain access to third party websites (including social networks, advertisers, etc.). Third parties are not under the control of TDB Forum, and therefore TDB Forum is not responsible for the content shared or conduct observed on such sites.

How many petitions can I file? You can file as many petitions as you like. They will, however, all be vetted and will have to be reviewed before they are approved.

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