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We are the largest importer for Sulphonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde” (SNF) which is used in Textile industry and Construction Industry, the company HIMADRI SPECIALITY CHEMICALS LTD had applied for Anti-Dumping investigation concerning imports of “Sulphonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde” (SNF) originating in or exported from China PR, they have successfully imposed anti dumping duty by quietly doing all false impositions on the product and presenting it to the department. They do not even manufacture the grade or classification of the product that we are importing but as we all know it comes under the same name and different grades anti dumping is applied on all the grades in and around that family of the product. After this imposition we have completely lost our business due to this imposition of anti dumping. They have misused their power of being a large company by using false means for applying the anti dumping. Due to this not only us but all the Dyes manufacturers have lost their business all textile industry are losing their business. Just to explain the costing part the costing of the product landed after custom duty, product cost and all clearing charges it costs me Rs. 35 Per Kg from China, and the indian company that has imposed is charging Rs. 62 Per Kg. The anti dumping the government has imposed is Rs. 25 Per Kg. If we see the cost is still Rs. 60 Per Kg for imported goods which is still lesser than the cost of Himadri Chemcials Ltd. They are completely exploiting the Indian Industry and the main important thing is they do not even manufacture the grade of chemical the indian industry requires. We seek your petition to help us resolve this problem and exploitation of Indian Insutry

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