TDBees… that’s what we call ourselves!

We proudly call ourselves TDBees! And believe us, it's much more than just a catchword or yet another fancy corporate concept. Well, that's what we really are. And that's how we operate!

Ever watched a honey bee do its job? It’s always on its toes to make the world’s most perfect product – honey, perhaps the only natural super food that includes all necessary ingredients to sustain life (vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, essential proteins, amino acids, enzymes, coenzymes… you name it and it’s got it) with zero defects in every batch. We, the TDBees, too go about doing the busy, intelligent work, round-the-clock, to make trade simpler and surer for India’s exporters and importers. Through our flagship product, EXIMAPS, we ensure whatever foreign trade enthusiasts get is only useful, assists them in strategic decision-making and maximises opportunities across foreign shores.

We, like honey bees, also believe in having a teeming center of efficiency and production. Just in case you are not already aware, the neatly arrayed hexagons in bees’ honeycombs are incredibly efficient structures as it’s scientifically proven that a hexagon uses less material and energy per unit of structural integrity than any other shape. Similarly, we ensure an ideal mix of structure and flexibility in our workplace. We believe in efficient utilisation of resources. And that’s what makes TDBees' EXIMAPS a simple-to-use yet highly effective buyer discovery and competitor analysis tool that helps you delimit your business opportunities by limiting your costs and optimising your investments.

Our philosophy is simple. Innovations and transformations are only possible if you believe in the power of people and trust them. It’s the collaborative approach that often works wonders for an organisation. Well, we again draw inspiration from honey bees! Though the queen bee occupies the corner office in a beehive, she is definitely not the sum total of the hive’s success. For smooth and successful functioning of the multi-dimensional beehive every worker bee needs to operate purposefully and collaboratively. The same dynamic is at play within TDB. Every TDBee is committed to the greater purpose, direction and philosophy – championing the cause of India’s foreign trade community – and works toward one goal i.e. to provide Indian exporters, importers and manufacturers a competitive and technological edge in foreign trade.

In fact, we, the TDBees, have an absolute obsession for everything and anything that can help India’s EXIM community expand their business. We believe in being more imaginative with simple building blocks, rather than adding complicated synthetic processing and packaging to what we offer. And not to say, this wisdom too comes from the honeybees that create nectar of the gods using simplest of the ingredients.

Like honey bee, a TDBee also believes in giving 100%. And always! In fact, the relationship amongst TDBees is not a partnership or of a competitor. If a work needs to be done or a deadline needs to be met, any available TDBee (of course, the subject matter expert) will jump on it. This makes us both incredibly efficient and harmonious like our beloved bees. Every member of the TDB family brings in his/her own experience and expertise to help create a solution that is loved by all.

TDBees, like honey bees, fast adapt to the changing conditions. The reason is simple. We believe that over the long term, adaptation becomes evolution. And who doesn’t want to evolve? TDBees love to… and we know the world of foreign trade too! That’s why EXIMAPS – the honey-dripping hive we have built for the EXIM community!

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